According to locals, the fish market was originally opened by two Italian brothers, Tony and Albert. The market opened on West Fortune Street in downtown Tampa until it relocated to Main Street. Their business was thriving in the late 1960's as they ran their market as a community affair, bringing in customers who grew up working in the area or had some kind of involvement with the operation. After a successful thirty years, the fish market was sold to an old time fisherman and crabber, Larry. He caught most of the products that were being sold, doing very well for himself as there was no middle man. Due to his declining health and the opening of competing seafood markets popping up in the area, he decided to sell the operation in 2002 to the Nguyen family who still own and operate the fish market today.

Ryan Nguyen, owner of West Fortune Fish Market —
"My dad acquired the store not knowing much about sales but had determination and strong will to provide for his family. Being a 3rd generation fisherman and fishing/shrimping his entire life, he wanted something that made it easier for him to be with his family instead of away fishing for months on end. After I graduated college, I stepped in to help the family business grow. The first few years were tough, but the toughest was rebuilding the store again. We had to reinvest our earnings back into fixing the roof, refrigeration repairs, inventory, advertising, and utility cost. After a few years, we made the leap to build additional space that is our kitchen today. When the kitchen opened and we were able to provide fresh and cooked food, it drew in a bigger crowd and made it possible for us to sell more fresh seafood to the community."


Fun Facts

What are some of the most popular fresh seafoods?
We sell a lot of mullet, sheepheads, catfish, and a variety of fileted fish.

What is your specialty item?
We're known as the 'Crab place on Main Street' and we are well known for our Garlic Butter Crabs.

What's a popular seasonal item you carry?
Live and cooked crawfish!

What's the story behind the new store remodel?
We are always improving to provide a clean and inviting space to customers. We wanted to show that West Tampa, an area that has been hit by proverty and high crime rate, still has gems and can shed light and help bring business back into our area.


Catering & Special Orders Available:

Blue Crab • Snow Crab • Stone Crab • Scallop • Crab Meat • Calamari • Squid • Lobster • Frog Leg • Mullet • Sandperch • Sheepshead • Croaker • Trout • Snapper • Key West Grunt • Spot • Satfish • Whiting • Grouper • Black Drum • Pinfish • Salmon • Angel Fish • Flounder • Black Bass • Bream • Jackfish • Nile Perch • Blue Runner • Kingfish • Mackerel • Mahi Mahi • Shark • Pollack • Swordfish • Tuna • Oyster • Clam • Mussel • Shrimp • Crawfish • Conch and more!